April 30th, 2018


Wherein my brother dropped a new album and got to dabble in surrealistic art.

artwork, Design, and music

My brother Joseph is an amazing musician. He is full of talent and creativity across many genres and instruments. He's currently finishing his bachelor's degree in music production and engineering, and needed to release an album as a large part of his senior project. 

Being my brother (we share some traits), he wouldn't/couldn't keep it simple. It's 9 wildly unique tracks, written, scored, recorded, mixed, mastered, and (all but a few tracks) performed by himself. He asked if I could do some surrealistic artwork for the album, and I couldn't pass up the chance to tap into my late 90's style Photoshop image mash-ups.

I honestly enjoyed myself more than I expected. I wish I could get paid to do this kind of stuff.


Scatterbrained Album Art

The final PSD file contained 47 layers and several gradient maps and adjustment layers. It came together over several late nights of synthwave music and creative commons imagery searches.


At full resolution you can see the level of detail.

The final rendered image was only 1500 x 1500 or so, but in my original source files there are 4x as many pixels, and lots of subtle details I sweated over that are more-or-less just for me. In the above detail shot you can the airships flying above the floating castle, the birds overlapping the logo, the waterfall cascading to the forest floor, the chains holding the castle in place... you get the idea.

I love sweating the details.

You can check out Scatterbrained on Spotify, iTunes, and BandCamp.