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About Me

In 2012 I created a Content Management System called Statamic. It started as a side project, but over the years has grown into a powerful platform, a welcoming community, a profitable company, and trusted tool relied upon by thousands of developers every day.

Going further back...

I've been designing and building websites and SaaS apps since 2001. Over the years I designed Laravel.com, Laracon, Laracasts, Forge, Envoyer, Lumen, Laravel Shift, Justin Jackson's Site, Nutrifox, Meat Sweats and a bunch of other stuff.

And on the side...

I hosted a nerdy-ass podcast called Goodnight Chrome and I run Dungeon Master Academy (training for folks who want to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons). Neither pay bills. They're just for fun, and I rarely have time to mess with them.

Social Media Stuff

I'm only on Twitter: find me @jackmcdade.

☝️ This is a photograph of me.