Weight Loss Update: The Juice Fast

Written on July 17, 2012

Back in February I wrote about my latest attempt in a long series of attempts to get myself back into shape once and for all.

In February I weighed 254.2 lbs and sported a size 40+ waist

At that point I had been sticking to two things: counting calories, and sticking to it, no matter what. I had started at 2,200 calories a day and over the course of a few weeks lost 13lbs.

Today I weigh 224 lbs and have a size 36 waist

Not too bad. This is the best run I’ve ever had. Along the way I hit some bumps though. I stopped counting calories as meticulously, and began “rough estimating”. Not such a big deal when you’re eating your regular meals as you get to know their stats well. When you’re eating new foods, especially out at restaurants, it’s really tough to guess your caloric intake. As a result I plateaued for about a month. I never lost ground, but I started to tread water for and it began to bug me.

I’m an “all in” kind of guy (which means when I’m not at a 100%, I usually give up), so as of a few days ago I kicked myself into hardcore mode and started a juice “fast”. If you’ve seen Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, juicing a great weight to “reboot” your system, drop some weight, and get your body caught up on the nutrients it’s been sorely missing resulting from a poor diet.

At the moment I’m juicing for breakfast and lunch, and eating a light dinner with my family and/or friends. Summertime is really difficult with all the social activities (revolving around food), so I’ve been trying to be a little bit flexible on this point. I do plan to start a full, out and out 10 day juice fast within the next week or two.

In the last 3 days I’ve lost 5 lbs and my stomach has almost flatted right out. I’m feeling great. I’ve even cut out my usual French Vanilla creamer and Sweet ‘N Low with my morning coffee, and am opting for it straight black with a little Stevia.

So wish me luck as I pursue the 200lb mark over the next few months. I haven’t hit that line for almost a decade, and I’m finally seeing it as a possibility.