New Today and App in Review

Written on March 26, 2012

My buddy Mubs and I have been working on a few fun app ideas on the side lately. I’d like to show them to you.

New Today

A simple but pretty useful little iPhone/iPad app currently in review in the App Store (well, technically rejected for being “too simple”, so we’re appealing it and adding a few extra features). We knew there’s no way to tell if your app will be approved in 24 hours or 3 weeks, so we just waited around. And waited.

Then we wondered, what if there was a way to know how long you’ll need to wait? Or at least, have a pretty good idea?

App in Review

We built this in one night. It’s a simple, community driven app that allows people to post their apps and when they were submitted, so people can get a rough idea where Apple is in the queue. If people take to it, we’ll be able to run some stats on types of apps, average submission length, etc.

We would love your feedback, and if you’re an iOS developer we would love for you to add your apps! There’s nothing more in it for us than the enjoyment from helping out the community. So get the word out there! Upvote our Hacker News Post, or send the url to your iPhone dev buddy.

Also, stay tuned for updates on New Today. Once we get that bad boy in the app store, I’ll give the full story.