Reading Frenzy — The Mistborn Series

Written on November 12, 2013

I just finished reading a fantastic fantasy series over the last few weeks and couldn’t help myself from blogging about it. I’ve always been a big fantasy buff, especially when it comes to the worldbuilding and magic systems side of things, and that’s why I love Brandon Sanderson. He’s an excellent author who is a master at crafting creative yet logical magic systems and injecting them into compelling, relatable narratives. He doesn’t write just to be cool, and he avoids fluff and filler dialog in favor of fast, action-packed storytelling. I love everything he’s written, which is a rapidly increasing list.

My personal synopsis:

A fallen, oppressed world. A world covered in ash, looked down upon by a blood red sun. A world where the dark lord won, a thousand years ago, and continues to rule with an iron fist. A world where the noble class has everything and rest, the skaa, less than nothing.

Mist covers the land at night. Active, near-sentient mist. Legends and fears of mistwraiths and other dark creatures prevent most from leaving shelter and entering the mists.

But there is hope. A band of thieves and criminals plan to overthrow the Lord Ruler and change the world.

And then there’s Allomancy. Supernatural power fueled by the ingesting and “burning” of specific metals. Tin enhances the senses. Pewter brings super-human strength, toughness, and resistance to pain. Steel and Iron are even more interesting.

Building blocks of an excellent story.

The Mistborn Trilogy follows the a 3-book arc where mysteries grow in scope and scale, and everything you ever wondered along the way or hoped to know is eventually revealed in crystal clear, impressive detail. It’s…the exact opposite of Lost, in a really good way.

There is also a stand-alone 4th book (The Alloy of Law) that follows different characters, and Sanderson says he has plans to turn that into a trilogy as well. It’s pretty awesome too.

Okay so there you go. Something so good I couldn’t help but review it in hope that you get a chance to enjoy it as well.

I read a lot so if you like quick book reviews, let me know and I’ll do a few more of my favorites!