The Annual Redesign

Written on July 23, 2014

We (designers/developers) do it all, and it just happened to me. I redesigned and trimmed down my site.

It got weird over time and stopped serving any real purpose. It was too heavy, trying unsuccessfully to be ironic or funny, and is now in the garbage where it belonged. I carried the blog and aside content over (easily I might add. they’re just files.), so have no fear if you’ve been using my Why I Play Video Games post to lobby your wife to buy you a PS4 for your birthday.

I’ll be back to focusing on short, simple content. I’ve been asked a number of times to write about/review video games, books, and such, so I’ll take a stab at that and add a few new sections soon. I’ll also bring back a few items from my portfolio eventually. I’m not really searching for work at the moment and feel the piles of thumbnails of projects I’ve done in the past distracting, but there may come a time when the signpost needs to go back out again. And so it goes.

Anyway, enjoy my scarce content. It’s not that I don’t have things to say, but that I don’t always feel the need to shout to be heard. If you want to me write about something because you genuinely want to know my thoughts, just ask. I’ll rarely say no.